Currently Bidding Projects
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Riley-Install Clean Steam Generator - ITB

Riley-Nutrition Care Dept Repair and Improvements - ITB

Stewart - Repair Curbs & Entry at Parking Lot - All Trades

Sam Houston-Repair Pressure Humidity Monitors - ITB

Tripler - 4A Cardiology Clinic Wall Repair Paint - ITB

Tripler High Level Disinfection Rm Repair HVAC Ph2 - ITB

High Altitude Research Lab at Pikes Peak, Colorado - All Trades

Tripler - Roof Leak/Ceiling Damage-4F100A - ITB

L Wood Rp Heating Coils AHU 8 9 26 & Humidifier - ITB

Hood - Repair Fairbank Dental Clinic - ITB

Corpus Christi Med Home Port Reno - All Trades

Tripler - B160 Water Supply Repair - All Trades

Tripler - Roof Leak Ceiling Damage Repair 4F700A - All Trades

Ft McNair Bldg 58, Washington, DC 100% - All Trades

Tripler - Roof Leak Ceiling Damage Repair 4H700A - ITB

Tripler B137 Battery and Controls Repair - ITB

Tripler IPS Panel Repair 6F G - ITB

Tripler 3G402 3G403 Public/Staff Restrooms Repair - ITB

Tripler 6G Corridors Wall Repair - ITB

Tripler B137 MCC Electric Repair - ITB

Riley-Custer Hill Troop Medical Embedded BH Clinic - ITB

Tripler Elevator Monitoring System Repair - ITB

Tripler B1 B4 Public Restrooms Repair Ph 8 - ITB

Tripler Handrail RPL 2G200 - ITB